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About the BlendEd Blend

The Bay Area BlendEd Consortium was founded by The Athenian School, The College Preparatory School, Lick-Wilmerding High School, Marin Academy, and The Urban School in order to jointly offer a set of blended classes combining face-to-face and online instruction.

As the ways we teach and learn continue to be influenced by the use of digital technology, The BlendEd Consortium seeks to combine demonstrated best practices for online learning with our schools’ proven strengths in direct classroom instruction and experiential learning. By creating a blended model, where students access the curriculum and teachers online as well as through regular face-to-face meetings, we help our students prepare for the changing methods of instruction and communication they will see in college and in the workforce while preserving the core relational culture that lies at the heart of our schools’ educational missions.

We are excited to pool the considerable talents that exist in each of our schools for the benefit of student learning. Through our careful work to develop a program that will allow students to reach beyond the confines of our schools while benefiting from their strengths, we anticipate modeling both the collaborative spirit that is our hallmark and the creative and innovative thinking that this century demands.

Building on our successes and lessons learned in the extraordinary laboratory of our Consortium, we face the next level of strategic decisions around our vision for growth and future organizational structure. Now, with the generous support of the EE Ford Foundation Educational Leadership Grant, we intend to pursue critical work in the following three areas:

  1. Strengthening the Existing Program
  2. Developing the Consortium as a Sustainable Organization
  3. Capturing and Sharing our Learning

BlendEd Guiding Principles

  • Bay Area BlendEd Consortium courses are taught by experienced teachers from our Consortium schools who draw upon the immense resources of the Bay Area and the best practices of highly effective digital and face-to-face learning experiences.
  • Consortium courses are designed to blend online and face-to-face teaching and learning; students meet face-to-face between three and five times in each course.
  • Where appropriate to the subject, courses take advantage of the unique learning resources of the Bay Area.
  • Courses are rigorous and challenging, requiring students to work actively, creatively, independently, and collaboratively and to take responsibility for their progress and learning.
  • The Consortium recognizes the diverse cultures of its member schools, adhering to practices that honor those cultures while providing standardization where necessary to support student experience.
  • Students receive credit on their home school transcripts for all Consortium courses.