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Bay Area Cinema & Filmmaking

BayCinemaFilm, animation and alternative film and video has been a stalwart of Bay Area culture from Muybridge to Silent Film and from Pixar to the Prelinger Archive. In this course we will explore the history of the moving image and it’s cultural impact in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as create our own imaginative responses to the ideas and concepts in the course. Students will get a chance to study films, technologies, philosophies and ideas related to the manipulation of time as well as create their own art, videos and visual journal entries. Topics will include a wide variety of cinematic genres and motion picture technologies. Students will learn interdisciplinary skills related to their own independent filmmaking in tandem with film and cultural studies. Students will be expected to make connections with larger social, political and cultural forces and be interested in independently creating artworks, visual journal entries and film and animation.

During our face-to-face sessions we may be meeting filmmakers, exploring museums, cinemas, archives, film festivals and places of cinematic industry in the prolific bay area arts culture. Tea and discussion will follow. Students will need access to a digital still camera and be able to upload images to the Internet. Students will need to have some knowledge of video editing and have access to basic video editing software, a digital video camera/tripod combination and will need access to basic art supplies.

*Some supplies will be provided.

LydiaGreerLydia Greer – Lick-Wilmerding High School
Lydia Greer has taught Visual Art, Film History & Video Production and Animation at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco since 2010. She also runs the annual film festival, is an academic advisor and works as a mentor for student clubs and independent studies. Before joining LWHS, Lydia taught Visual Thinking and Video Production for the UC Berkeley’s Art Practice Dept. and was a TA in Film Studies. Lydia has been an arts educator for 13 years, working with youth at Pacific NW College of Art, Oregon College of Arts and Crafts and in outreach programs in the Portland Public Schools in Portland, Oregon. Lydia earned her MFA from UC Berkeley in 2009 and is an artist and filmmaker.