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Mandarin V

Mandarin VThis class offers an intensive encounter with both widely known Chinese myths and tales and contemporary Chinese literature and cultural themes. This course focuses on the integration of unaltered resources including traditional and online print materials as well as audiovisual resources with the goal of providing a rich, diverse and multi-sensory learning experience. The class is conducted primarily in Chinese. Discussion and increasingly sophisticated writing are a main focus. Students continue to refine their proficiency across three communication modes: interpretive, interpersonal and presentational; as well as deepen their appreciation of the philosophy and ideology underlying the customs and practices of Chinese society. Students are required to use Chinese at all times, and to consciously monitor their language output to demonstrate their explicit knowledge of Chinese grammar, as well as to make every effort to be more descriptive and sophisticated with greater accuracy in both speaking and writing.

Prerequisites: Four years of regular learning of Mandarin in formal school settings, or intermediate level proficiency (oral and written) in Mandarin.