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Seismic Studies and Earthquake Engineering

seismicWhy does anyone live in the Bay Area when there is the threat of an earthquake at any moment? This course will focus on geology, specifically the geology that surrounds the Bay Area, and our continued attempts to engineer structures that will withstand the earthquakes and tsunamis pervasive in our little section of this dynamic planet. We will start with an introduction of geologic processes and tectonics, and continue into the specific stresses that create earthquakes and tsunamis. We will build upon studies of how earthquakes affect buildings, and research how to engineer the most stable structures by testing our own designs, including a design competition. We will learn how the building codes and seismic retrofitting that attempt to make the Bay Area safely habitable provide support to constructions even in the face of earthquakes and tsunamis. Finally, we will investigate some of the most destructive earthquakes in the world and how to avoid a recurrence from an engineering perspective. Face to face meetings will include a shake table construction challenge, a field trip along the Hayward fault with a Bay Area geologist, and an interview with a structural engineer.

JenTetlerJen Tetler – College Prep
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