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Web Design & Development

This course is a semester-long introduction to web design, programming, and online media. Course topics include web aesthetics, adaptive/responsive interface design, browser compatibility, streaming media, site architecture, project management, and essential programming concepts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a range of web sites and dynamic media for web publication using both remote server and content management system (such as WordPress) methods. Students will work on both individual and team projects, ultimately forming production teams who will collaborate on a final culminating project.

Our face-to-face sessions will be mostly be dedicated to collaborative work, but we will also aim to visit local web companies and attend the ForwardJS Web Technology Conference in San Francisco. There will also be regular virtual sessions held for weekly class meetings, on-demand tutorials, and group collaborations.

Lori Hébert – BlendEd Consortium
Lori Hébert is currently the consultant director of the Bay Area BlendEd Consortium. She is the former Director of Educational Technology & Innovation at College Prep and, before that, she taught French and Service Learning at The Urban School of San Francisco and Math at Marin Academy. In addition to working in independent schools, Lori has been an active web developer for almost 20 years and is excited to share her expertise with students in the Web Design & Development course.